Who are the Rohingya?

Rohingya are the indigenous ethnic group of Burma (Myanmar) largely residing in Arakan (Rakhine) state. The descendants of the ancient inhabitants of Arakan, genealogically linked up with people of Dannavati, Vesali and Chandra to Indo-Arian. Four million Rohingya population are estimated around the world from which more than 2.5 million are forced to flee and live in diaspora mainly in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia and others. Rohingya were listed as ethnic group and enjoyed full right of citizenship of Burma even after the independence in 1948 from Britain. Burmese Military government introduced a new law in 1982 which delisted Rohingya from ethnic group and revoked their citizenship. Rohingya are considered the most persecuted minority in the world. They are made stateless in their own ancestral land, denied citizenship and subjected to systematic persecution for decades.

Why do we need Rohingya Bible?

It’s extremely sad that Rohingya are deprived from hearing God’s word into their own language. Hearing in our mother tongue is the best way to understand and comprehend the message of God.

It’s very tough to translate the Bible into a minority language in terms of terminology and expression. So, it requires the help of the Holy Spirit, prayer and greater effort.

You can help us with your prayer.